E-ISSN 1309-6915
Volume: 11 Issue:2
Year: 2016

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Megaron: 11 (2)
Volume: 11  Issue: 2 - 2016
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1.21st Century Architecture: Search for the Concept
Zafer Sağdıç
doi: 10.5505/megaron.2016.93064  Pages 179 - 186 (367 accesses)

2.Experiments with the Concept of Authenticity in Studio Pedagogy: Designing with Precedents
Sevgi Türkkan, Arzu Erdem
doi: 10.5505/megaron.2016.03371  Pages 187 - 200 (305 accesses)

3.Architectural Competitions as an Instrument for ‘Urban Rationalization’ in the Context of the Discourse of ‘Consistency’ in Modernity; the Case of Berlin
Evin Eriş, Doç. Dr. Yasemen Say Özer
doi: 10.5505/megaron.2016.48243  Pages 201 - 216 (253 accesses)

4.Defining Fire Safety Design in Architectural Education
Ezgi Korkmaz
doi: 10.5505/megaron.2016.07279  Pages 217 - 229 (514 accesses)

5.Sequential Form Formation Diagrams in Architectural Design
Berk Özdemir, Feride Önal
doi: 10.5505/megaron.2016.32932  Pages 230 - 240 (264 accesses)

6.A Pareto Based Genetic Algorithm Model for Sustainable Site Layout Design of Social Housing: SSPM
Yazgı Badem Aksoy, Gülen Çağdaş, Özgün Balaban
doi: 10.5505/megaron.2016.38233  Pages 241 - 253 (232 accesses)

7.Rethinking Bergsonism Through a Deleuzian Ontology in Architectural Design
Tolga Sayın
doi: 10.5505/megaron.2016.30074  Pages 254 - 264 (256 accesses)

8.On Tools and Representation
Betül Orbey, Sinan Mert Şener
doi: 10.5505/MEGARON.2016.14880  Pages 265 - 272 (151 accesses)

9.Making Urban Heritage Visible by the Help of Lighting: A Cistern Example in the Historical İzmir Kadifekale
Arzu Cılasun, Göze Bayram
doi: 10.5505/megaron.2016.17363  Pages 273 - 281 (241 accesses)

10.Information Communications Technology-Aided Interactive Space Design Process
Burçin Cem Arabacıoğlu, Saadet Aytıs
doi: 10.5505/megaron.2016.82712  Pages 282 - 290 (186 accesses)

11.The Role of Urban Agriculture and Local Authorities in Protecting Agricultural Land in Metropolitan Cities
Sevinç Bahar Yenigül
doi: 10.5505/megaron.2016.48568  Pages 291 - 299 (264 accesses)

12.Effect of Main Innovation Areas on Organizational Performance in Construction Companies
Tuğçe Ercan
doi: 10.5505/megaron.2016.19327  Pages 300 - 308 (278 accesses)

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