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Volume: 14 Issue: 4
Year: 2019

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A Conceptual Architectural Design Process For Ventilation In Built Environment [Megaron]
Megaron. Ahead of Print: MEGARON-84756 | DOI: 10.14744/megaron.2020.84756  

A Conceptual Architectural Design Process For Ventilation In Built Environment

Polat Darçın
Department of Architecture, Yıldız Technical University, İstanbul, Turkey

Built environments affect other environments according to their properties and relations. Wrong / inadequate decisions in design stage may cause many adverse effects. One of the important aspects of built environments is air related properties. In the light of regenerative design, which sees built environment as a new and organized bridge effectuating the desired relationship between different nested systems of place, a strategic guidance is determined as a basic necessity in order to design buildings with accurate ventilation and air properties. Concerning ventilation in buildings to be effective, it is important for clean air to reach settlements and polluted air should be removed through the relation and coherence of air and its movement with the properties of built environment in different scales. This aim can be met by using a design approach based on patterns, relations and impacts; a decision making tool of this kind can also be beneficial for evaluation of existing built environments in terms of air and ventilation efficiency. The proposed approach starts with a pre-research phase of collecting many data about the design area, continues with design / analysis phase in which certain design decisions are made based on the findings of pre-research or examination of existing building. The last phase: evaluation completes the approach by evaluating the design in terms of quality of meeting air related requirements and providing feedbacks. Designing this kind of built environment can integrate humans and other systems of design area to generate some net positive and supportive results.

Keywords: architectural design, air quality, built environment, ventilation, systems thinking

Corresponding Author: Polat Darçın, Türkiye

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